Picard and CD track information

Is there any way of getting Picard to upload the ISRCs from a CD release?

Or what about a reliable way of uploading AcousticIDs from a CD?

Or checking if the DiscID is already in the MB database for this release?

I have been going through all of my CDs, re-ripping with EAC, then tagging with Picard. Carefully selecting release versions and entering in any missing releases as I have gone along.

I had assumed that Picard was uploading some of this missing data - like DiscIDs and AcoutsticIDs, but now I look back at some of these albums I was working with I realise that it was not working as I expected. There are a number of the albums I re-identified with Picard that seem to have not actually uploaded the DiscIDs or AcousticIDs.

Is there a way of getting Picard to interrogate a CD actually upload the missing data? Similar with those ISRC numbers - is Picard able to get these? Or are they only accessible with that odd script?


Uploading AcoustIDs: Load your release with uncompressed files (e.g. flac) in Picard and use button “Submit AcoustIDs”.

Adding DiscID: https://musicbrainz.org/doc/How_to_Add_Disc_IDs

ISRCs: I have the same question. Script isrcsubmit is unreliable when using mediatools.exe (works sometimes) or cdrdao.exe (does not work anymore after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update). EAC reads the ISRCs without problems.

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This is what I try to do, but the button rarely lights up. Sometimes when a disk has been misidentified and I have shuffled tracks around or picked a different release then it lights and I have uploaded AcousticIDs.

I had started to assume that Picard was using intelligence and only uploading when the data was missing in MB. And then I looked in the database online and was surprised to find AcousticIDs missing for albums I had, but no way to choose to upload.

DiscIDs - yep - I am adding these for all the odd albums I can’t find in the database, but again they seem to often be missing. Every CD in my collection has had “CD Lookup” pressed, but I don’t always think the data has then made it back to the database.

Haha - and as to the ISRC scripts they are just confusing and not clearly documented. :slight_smile: Kinda weird it isn’t in Picard or a plugin. I gave up trying to make sense of it as it was going to take up too much time and not really gain much of a benefit.

What seems to be missing from Picard is a reliable “Upload all the information from my CD to this selected Release”. If there was a single Submit button then the quality of data uploaded will improve.


“CD Lookup” is only the first step. Follow the link above. Never had any problems adding a DiscID to a release this way.


As a slight aside, does anyone know a clever way to easily link a disc ID to a different release in the same group? This is a very common use case (in my experience) but the ‘lookup manually’ function doesn’t give any help that I can see - I have to do a title/artist search just as if there was no matching release found.

First Picard only calculates the AcoustId if you actually use the scan button, if you use any other ways to match the files to MB it won’t calculate AcoustIds. So make sure you scan the files in addition. Second, Picard will only upload AcoustIds to MB that are not already linked to the recording.

If oyu just use “CD lookup” Picard will show you matching releases. If the right release is already in this result, everything is fine. Nothing needs to be submitted to MB. If it is not you have to follow the “Lookup manually” button and attach the disc ID to the proper release (or create one if it is not in MB at all).

ISRCs in theory could be done together with discIDs, there is a ticket for ISRC support in Picard. The underlying libraries already support ISRC extraction, but so far there has been no work on a GUI for this in Picard.

Support to Submit fingerprints directly from CD has also been requested, but this actually is a bit more complicated. Calculating the fingerprints requires access to the audio, and basically involves adding CD ripping capabilities to Picard. So definitely a cool feature, but given the limited manpower behind Picard rather unlikely.


Thanks to you both. You have confirmed I am doing things in the right way. I have been following through the steps you say. This is why I was a little confused that the data did not always seem to get there. DiscIDs seem to be simple enough. Added plenty of extras in from my collection.

I think what it may be is that those albums that were easily identified by Picard using other means (i.e. only one release, or I matched a barcode from the list). I think it is these albums that I may not have manually uploaded a DiscID for. This would make sense.

Similar with the Scan button. I have religiously used this every time to identify the FLAC files as ripped from the CD. I then see the AcousticID field make it into my FLAC tags. Yet these are not always then uploadable. That AcousticID button lights up in a slightly haphazard manner.

This is why it would be nice to have some kind of feature in Picard where a more direct comparison could be made with a disk. If I put a CD into the drive, and let Picard “look up CD” it would be nice to have a different option to then compare how much of this CD data is in the MB database with a more direct upload option for the missing bits.

Kinda like having a button that says: “Oi, MusicBrainz database, is there anything else you would like from my CD before I put it back on the shelf?”

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Picard is a tagging tool. So surely it can be assumed that the user has some FLAC or MP3 files they are trying to tag? And just like the Scan button works now, the AcousticIDs can be grabbed at that time.

From what I can see everything is already in place - ripped files and the physical media. Picard does a great job of letting me take my ripped files and the disk and then pull data from the MusicBrainz database to fill the tags. So at the time it should also be reversing this flow and pushing back up to MusicBrainz database any missing data about the physical media.

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Most data things can’t be submitted via the web service/API though. A few things can (like ISRCs), but far most things (incl. Disc IDs, release/track names and artists, …) cannot. I think there are some tickets about this, notably MBS-211. This would be a dependency for submitting things to MusicBrainz (via Picard or otherwise).

For submitting AcoustID data back to AcoustID (note that AcoustID is a 3rd party service and not a MetaBrainz project), the “Submit AcoustIDs” button in Picard should “light up” when you have AcoustIDs on Recordings for a Release in Picard that are not associated with those Recordings in AcoustID, so you can submit the AcoustIDs then. (If it doesn’t light up, then it’s probably either a bug or there aren’t any new AcoustIDs to submit.)