Picard, Add Cluster As Release... but no DiscID?

This should pretty obvious to me, but it does not make sense this is not available. I have a directory with files from EAC, including a log file. I am aware that http://eac-log-lookup.blogspot.com/ can calculate the DiscID. Why is Picard able to to Add Cluster As Release… but fails to do the complete roundtrip including the DiscID?

I think it would be convenient, but it is a new feature request, so not really something that just happens/is ‘obvious’.

Picard doesn’t support reading or analysing log files (add cluster as release is looking at music files + tags) so that all has to be coded in, and the importance measured against the rest of the to-do list. You should open a ticket if you would like to see it added!

The other thing is that the website you linked is a bit of a hack… I’m not sure if MB really ‘officially’ endorses calculating the DiscID without you actually having the disc!

Thanks @aerozol for your reply. Where would be the best place for a feature request against a plugin?

Regarding the “computation issue”. Of course I have the original discs, but EAC is my tool of preference. The most recent version does fetch from MusicBrainz, but does not support to submit information back to MusicBrainz, this gives this vague workaround requirement.

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@aerozol - the “hack” on that website is accurate and uses the same maths to produce identical discIDs. EAC logs are pretty detailed and have the same TOC that Picard uses. It is a huge time saver for those of us who ripped the discs years ago and have the CDs stashed away on a shelf.


I use it too, it’s great, I was just saying that I haven’t heard anyone from MB proper encourage it.

@skinkie you can add a ticket here:
(I haven’t checked if there isn’t already a similar ticket FYI)

I’ll give it a go to write a log parser myself, maybe I can contribute in this way. But I am also considering to do a EAC folder to MusicBrainz submission, instead of going via Picard.