Picard 96% errno 13

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I am sorting mp3 files from a different hard drive (first time working with this hard drive music collection) I did the usual select folder. Cluster Lookup. WhenI went to save nothing writes in the destination folder (same folder I have been using for the last few weeks) At the bottom of Picard is the full path with file name then 96% (errno 13) permission denied.

I have taken ownership of the entire folder structure. I have launched Picard as an administrator. I have made sure every file and folder in the entilr folder structure is NOT read only.


Can you with your normal user actually modify the files in question? Please double check the permissions and read-only flag of a specific file that does fail saving, not just of the top folders. Maybe show us a screenshot of the permission settings of one such file.


As usual, providing a debug log would help us here, see https://picard.musicbrainz.org/docs/troubleshooting/
You don’t even provide info about your system or Picard version used…

This error is usually just what it says, a permission issue.