Picard 2.8 now available for download

Following two release candidates we have today released the final version of Picard 2.8. See the blog post for details on the changes and new features:


Thanks for the nice new release. There is an undocumented feature in the new artwork side.

I download all artwork. So that means the new “matrix/runout” type appears. And it saves that file on a PC happily.

Slight problem - it calls it “matrix/runout”. Which means a sub folder called “matrix” with a file called “runout.jpg” popped inside.


On a side note - how would I make sure this always gets called “matrix.jpg”. Including if the type is “medium+matrix/runout”. Thanks.


There should be a “flat” option (default behavior, probably) that escapes delimiters used by filesystems.

I think this has only appeared due to it being the first time an actual artwork type has the special character included. It is not so much that it is an “illegal” character here. It is just one with special meaning. Pretty sure illegal chars are blocked elsewhere in the file save code.

Would you mind create a ticket for this matrix/runout issue?

I just updated from 2.7.1 and I immediately noticed a few of my custom scripts are gone. These were ‘unchecked’ for use in specific cases. Any idea why they’re gone? Is there a way to recover them?


Did you use any Picard version later then 2.7.1 and then downgraded to 2.7.1 again? Then it could mean your scripts are in a 2.7.1 exclusive configuration file.

Have a look at Picard’s configuration folder and do the following:

  • Make a backup of all the files in this folder, just in case
  • Remove the Picard.ini file
  • Look for a file named Picard-2.7.1.ini and rename it to Picard.ini. Start Picard 2.8.1 again. Are your scripts now visible?

While you are there you can also remove the ini files for older versions when you are sure you won’t need them anymore.


I had tried 2.7.3 months ago, but it had an issue (now forgotten) and I dropped back to 2.7.1 - so your surmise was correct.

I changed the .ini file and can now see all the scripts. Super!

Thanks for the help!


Thank you for the prompt bug fixes!

However, I am not reproducing the same MD5 hashes as are shown on the downloads page. For me,

MD5(MusicBrainz-Picard-2.8.2-macOS-10.14.dmg) = 0a1e7797484bef4d635caaffd9de7513, not b2d2b1077b1a43111411dd6179f66ccb as listed on the Downloads page.

MD5(MusicBrainz-Picard-2.8.2-macOS-10.12.dmg) = 199d4d1aed76fac692dc5d60364f7bd7, not 0a1e7797484bef4d635caaffd9de7513 as listed on the Downloads page.

I am guessing this might be a copy-paste error in authoring the Downloads page.

The app which I installed does call itself version 2.8.2, and does have a fix for PICARD-2515macOS: Swatches not coloured in Options > User Interface > Colours.


Thanks for noticing. I had accidentally copied the hash for the 10.14 binary to the 10.12. The 0a1e7797484bef4d635caaffd9de7513 is a left over for the previous version.


Website was updated.

Correct hashes are:

199d4d1aed76fac692dc5d60364f7bd7  MusicBrainz-Picard-2.8.2-macOS-10.12.dmg
0a1e7797484bef4d635caaffd9de7513  MusicBrainz-Picard-2.8.2-macOS-10.14.dmg

@Jim_DeLaHunt thanks for reporting.


Any chance for Universal or arm build on macos (Apple Silicon)? Thank you for the great product

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That’s definitely on the wishlist, but won’t happen anytime soon. See also

But Picard is reported to work with the Rosetta compatibility mode offered by macOS, so you should be able to use Picard on the ARM Mac.


Welcome to MusicBrainz and to Picard, @sudaltsov !

I am using the present version of MusicBrainz Picard on an M1 Mac (PowerBook with M1 Max CPU and macOS 12.5.1 Monterey) with no problems.

An Arm64 build might be nice to have, but in my experience it is not necessary.


Here comes another (and most likely last) bugfix release for Picard 2.8 series: