Picard 2.8.4 is losing action icon text

The app starts normally and icon text is present. After tagging a few albums, I notice the text has disappeared. Restarting the app brings it back. A system reboot does not correct the issue.

Should I submit a bug report?

Picard 2.8.4
Win 2010 Pro
Ryzen 7 5800x
X570 chipset
Radeon R9 200 series gpu

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It’s always a good idea to submit a ticket because that’s the best way to ensure that the status of the issue is tracked as it is investigated and addressed. You can enter the issue at https://tickets.metabrainz.org under the Picard project. Please include as much information as possible, including steps that the developers can take to try to replicate the issue. Screen shots showing the issue would also be appreciated if you can. Thanks.

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Can you show a screenshot? Is Options > User interface > Show text labels under icons maybe disabled?

I noticed this, too.

The first time I launched 2.8.4 they were gone, then they appeared on another launch, then disappeared again. I tried launching a few times just now, and even without my my ~/.config/MusicBrainz dir in place, I wasn’t able to reproduce. Seems a bit random.

Just to be sure what we are talking about, does it look like this:

vs this:

Can you guys check the setting in Options > User interface?

I can’t reproduce the random switching, after start it shows up as configured. The only thing I noticed during testing that once you disable this setting in the options and try to enable it again, it requires a re-start of Picard to apply. It’s supposed to apply instantly, so that’s definitely a bug.

Yep, it looked like that (the first image) on first launch. I assumed it was just the new default.

I didn’t change any of the UI settings. What I’ve noticed, with that option screen, is that whether or not you’ve checked the labels option or not—or whether you’ve touched anything, actually—if you click ‘make it so!’, the option screen closes and pow, the labels have been removed.

My experience is as for @certainly. I’ve submitted a ticket here: [PICARD-2593] Picard Action Tool Icon Text Disappears - MetaBrainz JIRA

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Here on a Linux machine, the texts disappear whenever I click on the “Make It So!” button in options. Even when I don’t alter any settings at all.

I got a fix for this issue. I think we’ll do a 2.8.5 release soon.


The issue has been fixed in the new 2.8.5 release