Picard 2.8.2 crashing on particular album lookup

I installed this latest release and have successfully tagged about 20 albums, but this latest one causes Picard to crash when I try the Lookup feature. That same album clusters okay, and also scans okay - the problem is only with lookup. I don’t see any funky characters in the filenames.

I started a debug session in a dos window, and have the result copied into the attached text file. It’s complete up to the crash. Since this album scans okay, I can work around the issue - but thought you would be interested in the error…

So it appears I can’t attach a text file. I’ll paste it below, then - sorry for the length.

Okay, so it’s too long to paste here. Plz let me know how to submit.


Win 10 x64
Ryzen 5800x on x570 chipset
Media are flac files on mapped intranet file server drive

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If you enter a ticket in the tracking system you should be able to attch the full text file. This also ensures that your issue isn’t lost and progress can be tracked.


Thanks. I didn’t want to presume I could open a ticket without being asked.

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No problem. Anybody can open a ticket, and that’s actually the best way of tracking a bug report. Thanks.


So thanks to the detailed information of @ecomaniac I think we are now on track to get this fixed. Looks like this is a combination of bad data in the tags and a sorting bug in Picard. That specific combination made it a bit difficult to debug without knowing the root cause. For details see the ticket: