Picard 2.7 now available

We have released the final version of Picard 2.7. See the blog post for an overview of the many changes since the last stable release.

Special thanks to all of the community who helped bringing this release out. Your feedback and support during the beta phase was great!


I just downloaded the Mac version directly via Safari (and also tried to do it with curl via the terminal). When I open the .dmg file, it fails with an error ‘No mountable file systems’. The .dmg file never opens. I saw a message in this forum that it happened with Picard 2.5 too, but no reusable solution.

Using Mac OS 11.6.2 Big Sur and downloaded MusicBrainz-Picard-2.7.1-macOS-10.14.dmg

Please check the validity of the downloaded files as I described in

The MD5 hash of the 0.14 DMG is ce925feab10b9f9c85fad7bddeb22da9. If you get a different result than the file is broken. Try downloading from different mirror. If that continuous to happen have a look at macOS Error Opening .dmg Disk Image - No Mountable File Systems . This discusses some probable solutions. Especially mounting via hditul from terminal could give helpful information on what is actually wrong:

hdiutil attach -verbose MusicBrainz-Picard-2.7.1-macOS-10.14.dmg

You might also try the build for macOS 10.12. But in regards to how the .dmg file gets generated there is actually no difference, so I would be surprised if that have different results.


Not worth a bug report…


Just a font scaling thing. Win10 PC with fonts at 125%. Only place I have spotted the squish


Totally worth a bug report :smiley: Similar things happens with some translations which cause longer label, e.g. German.

The UI tries to be special here and avoid having the number input box on the very right (like we do it everywhere else). But for some reason the Qt layout system does not like this, even though it works just fine in the Qt designer. I’ll change this to the standard layout we use throughout all the settings.


Font scaling has always been a headache to dialog boxes… I have my own nightmare memories trying to get the maths to work…

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