Picard 2.3.2 is available for download

We have just released Picard 2.3.2. Please see the blog post for further details:


I have a script that used to work fine, but I notice it triggers the error “string index out of range” when using 2.3.2

It took me more than an hour to narrow it down in finding out what the culprit might be, and I am now suspecting it has to do with the $title function.

A simple script to demonstrate:


works fine for 2.3.0, but ttriggers the error for 2.3.2
(and I just checked; 2.3.1 also returns the error)

Or perhaps I am doing something wrong here?

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It’s a bug with the $title function, which fails if the passed value is empty (which it is when evaluating the script in the script editor).

One workaround would be to ensure that releasestatus is actually set in the script:


I’ll fix this for the next release, see


Great, thanks for the fast response and solution!
(and I am sorry you couldn’t rest on your laurels for just a little bit longer after releasing 2.3.2 :wink:


Just curious, I see the next version is going to be 2.4. (not 2.3.3)
Any interesting big changes coming up?

I could rest on my laurels for almost 2 days, that’s more than I had expected :smiley: As a developer I got used to this. You fix all the issues you can find, you test and then finally you are saying to yourself “this is the best version we ever had, it’s perfect”. Then you release, and within an hour the bug reports roll in :smiley:

We don’t yet know exactly, but we already have a couple of interesting features lined up:

  • Autocompletion for script functions and variables
  • Script documentation inside Picard (and we plan to autogenerate the online documentation from this data)
  • There is very promising work in progress for better performance and responsiveness, especially during loading
  • Looks like WAVE tagging is finally coming

Mainly we did not plan to have another 2.3.3 bugfix release but want to focus on new features and bigger improvements, hence I marked the fix for the 2.4 release. Still could be that we change our minds should we get more bug reports, but let’s see.