Picard 2.3.2 crashes on Catalina

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Total newbie here: I purchased then ran picard on my collection of 60k+ tracks. It ran for over 12 hrs, had already ‘seen’ all my tunes and was at 17k of the AcousticFP. I returned to find no app loaded in Dock, no dialogue showing that it had crashed. I looked for a log, nothing showed.

Perhaps it was a numbers [tracks] problem. Perhaps I shouldn’t have run Acoustic FP at same time??

iMac [2019] macOS 10.15.5 --[-tunes on ext. drive]

I’d recommend you try the 2.4 beta 2 release. There have been huge performance improvements and we fixed some bugs leading to crashes with specific files.

If the crash still occurs you should try to figure out which file is causing the crash.

In any way I really don’t recommend you load the entire 60k files at once. It’s much harder to check the data before saving if you have this many files loaded. Work in smaller batches.