Picard 2.2: "[non-album tracks]" can only removed if it's empty

Picard 2.2: If a folder “[non-album tracks]” is available at the third pane, it can only be removed, if it’s empty. At releases prior of 2.2 such a folder could be removed if it’s not empty. Is this new behaviour intended or a bug? I’m using Picard on macOS, maybe that matters.
More precisely: Items in such a folder can be removed. Only by removing the last item the folder will be removed.
My background: I work with audiobooks. These can have hundreds of tracks. It is annoying when I have to remove hundreds of tracks before such a folder can be removed. With releases prior 2.2 I did not have this problem.

I checked this theme with Picard 2.2 on a Windows machine. The results are the same as on macOS.

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Interesting, no idea how we introduced this, but it’s definitely a bug. I’ll fix that, thanks a lot for reporting.

@outsidecontext: Are you going to create a bug report or should I do so?

If you could create one that would be great :slight_smile:

No problem. I’ll do so.

Thanks a lot Patricia, much appreciated, but I though I should look at this now before I forget about it and created the ticket:

Fix for this is also comming.


Good news. This means that I have nothing to do and can sit back. I wish a lot of success and hope for a good luck! At this point: Many thanks to all involved!

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I can confirm: This bug has been fixed with Picard 2.2.1. Thanks a lot!

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