Picard 2.2.3 is available for download

We have released Picard 2.2.3 as a maintenance release to address a couple of bugs. The new release is available for download on the Picard website.

More details in our blog post:

Meanwhile development of what will become Picard 2.3 is also progressing. There is no schedule yet for this next feature release, but if you are curious you can look at the tickets currently tagged for the 2.3 release to see what is currently planned and partly already done. No promises though that any individual feature will make it into the release, but we’ll see how this goes. I’m pretty sure there will be a beta release this time.


I recognize several of those changes for 2.2.3 :slight_smile:
With just a few of the things between 2.1.x and 2.2.3, I’m convinced productivity and increased two fold. Plus a few tweaks on my own and flexibility for me has taken a -huge- leap forward.


Any chance of a (Windows) portable install version of 2.2.3?

The portable build I linked to in Picard as portable Windows app is roughly that.

I have no interest in making another 2.2 release with the necessary changes backported, I rather focus on getting the 2.3 version ready.


Fair enough.
A suggestion, when 2.3 is ready, also make the portable version available on the download page?

That’s the plan. Next up will be a beta release for 2.3 soon, and this will be available as portable version.


I think it could be more intuitive how to disable or enable Picard from searching the internet for artwork.
Currently there is no simple enable/disable ‘search the web for artwork’ checkbox, but you’ll need to understand that unchecking all providers will result in disabling it.
(if I understand the workings behind this correctly…)

Not a big issue, but a toggle switch could be a small improvement.

I don’t think yet another toggle switch would help here, rather it would make it more messy. Enabling Cover Art Archive by default or something would probably help more.

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