Picard 2.1.3 for Mac crashing

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Hi, I’ve been using Picard 2.1.3 under macOS 10.11.6 for a few days now, and it doesn’t appear to be as stable as the windows version. When I tried adding a few tracks to scan, it constantly says (Not Responding) in activity monitor, and gives me the pinwheel. I also notice that it’s crashing randomly too.

I love Picard, don’t get me wrong. It just doesn’t seem to be as stable as it could be. If I could upgrade my mac to macOS 10.12, I would have. I’m going to try using picard 2.2 later today and see if that helps.

I’m planning to replace my mac with a newer model once the transition to silicon/arm is completely bug free. I just need a solution in the meantime. Thanks

Yes, there have been a lot of changes to Picard since the 2.1.3 release, For issues with the responsiveness of the UI especially the just released 2.4 version is a great improvement.

Unfortunately we can no longer maintain official builds compatible with macOS < 10.12

If you have some experience on the command line you could probably run Picard from source. There is nothing totally preventing it to run on older releases. You would need to use an older Qt 5 release, though (this by itself might introduce some UI bugs, but I think nothing deal breaking). I think Qt 5.11 was the latest to run.

We have some instructions at https://picard.musicbrainz.org/docs/development/ . Unfortunately I think the macOS instructions are a bit outdated, I think it is easier to install the dependencies via brew,