Picard 2.0.3 64bit Crashes When Loading/Clustering Albums or Tracks


Once I move a folder or file over to be tagged it crashes and closes the application. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the application. Running as Admin. I’ve tried with a folder with 10 files, also with 1 single file, and with over 100 files. I get the same results each time.


Thanks for the report. Can you give a list of plugins you have installed?

Also what operating system are you using?


OS: Windows 10 Pro v.1803 - 64-bit

Add Cluster As Release v0.7.2
Classic Disc Numbers v0.1
Decode Cyrillic v1.0
Disc Numbers v0.1
fanart.tv cover art v1.2
Fix Track Numbers v0.1
Non-ASCII Equivalents v0.1
Re-order sides of a release v1.0
Release Type v1.4
Remove Perfect Albums v0.2
Standardise Feat. v0.1
Tango.info Adapter v1.0
Title Case v1.0
wikidata-genre v1.0


Thanks. We currently have a bug that can happen on some script execution. If the crashes happens when albums are loaded on the right this could very well be it. A fix for this will be released soon with Picard 2.0.4.

Or does it also happen if you only have files on the left and cluster?


Does it still crash if you disable all plugins ?
If no, enable them one by one to find the culprit.
If yes, we need more infos.