Phonographic copyright on shared recordings

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I was looking at this 1987 release of Frank Sinatra’s “Songs for Swingin’ Lovers” and noticed an odd relationship:

phonographic copyright by: Masterworks Series (2013)

This is because these same recordings appeared on multiple releases, including a Masterworks box set.

I read through a previous thread on the topic, but I still can’t figure out whether this is correct usage or not. It looks weird to me, though.


Same. This is especially problematic for some older vinyl releases, because their phonographic copyright dates feature both the year and month, not just the year, so this results in differing dates between, say, singles and albums by the same artist. This doesn’t even touch on the transfer of ownership of said copyrights, e.g. when record companies merge with one another or in the case you cited where a third party licenses the recordings and reissues them (often remastering them beforehand; there’s a separate thread for that).


As I said in that other thread, I think it is interesting to know all published dates and labels of a recording.
Like it is also interesting to see all their ISRC they have from various releases.

If we had a track entity it would be there instead but frankly if we had a track entity, it would be a mess to edit, I prefer loosing that granularity, editing life on MB is already enough difficult it would benefit too little despite the hard work. :slight_smile: