Personal messages

I just got a kind of “warning” when trying to create a reply in a thread: Roughly like “You are replying for the 3rd time to the same user (with a fish in his mouth). Please involve other users or use a “personal message” to continue the discussion”
Thx for the nice idea :wink:
Does that imply a possibility for a PM that we overlooked?

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I think this is a default message of Discourse, the forum software in use here. Discourse does offer PMs, but it is disabled here. That’s because we have direct messages on MusicBrainz accounts, e.g. you can send me a message on my MB profile at by clicking on “send email”. By your choice with or without revealing your actual e-mail address.

Personal massages

Made me giggle :smiley:


Thx, that’s nice to know…

And there is also a button “Report this user for bad behavior”. I will keep that in mind :wink:

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Obviously a wish that was hidden deep in my mind…