Percent-Complete Sorting Option

It would be very useful if the number of available tracks and number of expected tracks could be calculated into a Percent Complete score that could be sorted. The user could then sort by percent-complete to quickly find all the Gold Records, but could also disaggregate the nearly-complete from the singles.

What exactly is this referencing? Is this a proposed Picard feature?

Hi @milesmac :slight_smile:

I took the liberty of filing your suggestion in our ticket tracker on your behalf:

You might want to make an account on the ticket tracker to vote on and/or watch the ticket for any developmentā€”or if any developers ask questions about it.

Also, if you have more feature requests, just post them directly in the ticket tracker. :wink:

We already have remove perfect albums plugin, I am not sure how useful this will be? Thoughts?

After the perfect albums are removed, a user could sort by percent completed. They could then focus on completing those albums that are only missing a track or two. As it is, there is no easy way that I can see to isolate or segregate almost-complete albums.