Pausing the process for large databases

I have over 40,000 items in a music library that I would like to process through MusicBrainz but my system slows down considerable at the 33000 mark. Is there a way to stop the process, save what has been procressed and then restart the process again?

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Assuming you mean for Picard, generally every system will go slowly with so many files. Generally, consider loading a much smaller amount, maybe 5000 at a time. Not sure if there’s a way to pause a load in process though, maybe someone else here can help with that :slight_smile:

Such feature was requested/discussed in the past, but never implemented, see

I have the same issue with roughly 60,000 tracks, boy do I wish I read this first. It’s been running for a couple of days, which is ok, annoying but, better than doing all of the work manually. Quite some time ago, I accidentally renamed about 2,500 CD to all be by AC/DC.