Pausing a song on Spotify and then playing a different song a few hours later causes the first song to get scrobbled

I have noticed this problem for a long time. Latest example:

Last night, I listened to 恋という贈り物 on Spotify. After that song finished playing, 聞こえますか started playing, but I immediately paused it and closed Spotify. This morning, I opened Spotify and started playing 可愛くなれたらいいのに, and 聞こえますか got scrobbled with the exact same timestamp as 恋という贈り物 (Nov 13, 8:01 PM). You can see this on my profile: Yuki-'s Listens - ListenBrainz

Does anyone have any idea why this happens?

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Can you please tell us how you record your listens from Spotify? Do you have Spotify connected so that LB records the listens? If so, what is your username?

I have the “Record listening history” option enabled in External Music Services - ListenBrainz.

My ListenBrainz profile: Yuki-'s Listens - ListenBrainz
My Spotify profile: Midori on Spotify

I experience the same. The original ticket I created about this was

But actually changing the output device is not necessary for this to happen. Pausing and later directly switching to another song has a similar effect. I just fear that is specific to how Spotify records the listen history and might be hard to detect.

I haven’t inspected Spotify’s history in detail yet for the pause / skip to next case. But maybe there is some chance to detect some timestamp oddity or such.


The same happens on, so I believe it is specific to how Spotify records things.


I experience the same issue, although it manifests differently on There, only switching the device causes the song to be resubmitted, not pausing and playing.

Another issue occurs when I disconnect Spotify from ListenBrainz and then reconnect. Many of the songs get submitted again. This does not happen on