Passenger – Young as the Morning Old as the Sea: No acoustic versions

I bought the album “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea” (Deluxe CD/DVD) by Passenger some time ago (in 2017).
It’s release (same cat. no. and barcode).

I thought, the acoustic versions, credited on the back cover ( are on the DVD.
I just inserted the DVD after I bought it, but I didn’t checked it at all.

Now I saw (it’s in the book), the acoustic version have to be downloaded, but the listed URL,, is not working anymore (“PCRP” “Just another WordPress site” “Registration has been disabled.”). :slightly_frowning_face:
I also don’t know, how the download should have worked. I have no code or something like this (or maybe I’ve lost it).

I also don’t know how I should to enter this release (since we don’t have it, with this order on the DVD). Just CD and DVD? Also acoustic versions I don’t have?

What about the comma?

Downloads are an evil headache. I have CDs from the 1990s which have lost all their online “special extras”. Marketing teams just stop paying for those websites far too quickly.

All I can suggest is adding an annotation saying “Originally included download links to Acoustic Versions available online at XXX. Site not available in 2020.”

You can’t really list the stuff you don’t have. Just list what you have in hand.

There is a general rule here of “If in doubt, leave it out”. That certainly applies here.

If at a later time you find an alternate source for the digital files, then come back and add them.

Similar problem occurs with those same 1990s Enhanced CDs and their Flash content that now won’t play on modern computers. Gimmicks always have a short shelf life. (though at least it is still possible to extact the old QuickTime videos from an Enhance CD, even if the menu is lost)


A random idea - use the Wayback Machine to locate when a site went offline. They rarely store the data like the music tracks, but can give a hint as to when the site was removed.

(Turns out that is no use in this example… it has never been cached)


Doing a little more digging I find this in the Domain record:

Created on 2016-07-20
Updated on 2018-05-10
Expires on 2020-07-20

Whats the betting that the album was released in 2016, and then two years later they deleted the hosting of the Acoustic files for cost reasons?


It looks to me this release is already in MB, but likely with some mistakes. This one matches barcode and disc number, but given the information here the acoustic tracks likely should be on a digital media “medium”. I think this entry was solely based on the Amazon entry and the back cover scan. Also release country is set to US, while discogs lists GB.

The next one I’d say is likely the same release but better data quality. It has the same barcode, the acoustic versions listed as download card and GB release country. It has no catalogue number set, this was probably unknown when this got entered:

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