Parts of classical works - should keys be assigned to individual movements of symphonies?

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I’ve noticed an inconsistency here e.g. between Dvorak’s 7th and 8th Symphonies

[](http://Symphony No 8, 3rd movement)
[](http://Symphony No 7, 3rd movement)

The individual movements of the 8th Symphony don’t have a key assigned (as an attribute in the XML), but those for the 7th (and 9th) do. Both symphonies have a key assigned to the entire work.

What is the preferred style? (I happen to believe it should be assigned at the entire work level only; the key usually only refers to how the symphony opens and doesn’t stay the same across, or even within, movements).



I would only assign the symphony’s key to the main work. If the (main) key for a movement is known, which as you said doesn’t need to be the same as for the full work, I’m fine with that being added to the appropriate movement.


There was a mistake with 2nd movement of 7th symphony. I had added same key for all movements (D minor) but 2nd movement should be in F major. It’s fixed now. I also added keys for movements of 8th symphony.


I wonder if there could be a tool to batch-add keys (or already exists). I add lots of works since I try to keep Telemann works up to date and it seems that every recording needs a new work so I usually add keys only for the works, not the movements, except if the movement has a specific key (as it happens quite regularly with Telemann). Maybe there could be an imslp importer that could parse keys and maybe catalognumbers, composition dates, dedications, movements etc?