Partially translated work

The work I’m talking about is actually fully translated, but the recordings have both German and Spanish lyrics sung. The title is currently German language: Song “Ich singe, weil ich ein Leid hab” - MusicBrainz (the typo is going to be corrected Edit #102689087 - Edit work)

Is it a translated version then? Is the German/Spanish version a work of its own? Or is there only a new translated work with language Spanish¹?

If it is a translated version, it should probably have the Spanish title as printed on the the album release La negra of Mercedes Sosa. It’s also German+Spanish feat. Konstantin Wecker, but at other performances she sang the song without German lyrics…

¹) currently the song has 2 languages

It’s either this, or a partial recording of both versions, I guess? :confused:


I thought about it:
“Partial recording” feels wrong. Both versions were sung in full length.

Therefore it’s this.
I will change the work title to “Ich singe, weil ich ein Lied hab/Yo canto porque tengo vida” with languages German and Spanish.
It’s a “later version of” (not translated!) the original work AND of a Spanish version (to be created, currently without recordings, but with ISWC) which is a “translated version of” the original.

It would be a third work for the same song, but I can’t think of anything better. :slight_smile:

So a medley of the two works?


A medley of the same song in two languages? I don’t think it’s a medley.

I’ve already linked such recordings to both Vietnamese and French works, without any attributes (partial, medley).


This is probably better and avoids a combined work (with recordings but no ISWC) - It looks very clear and it is clear what is meant.

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Some of my thought is based on: how often was this performed? Was it just something spontaneous and live? As they flipped between languages?

Or did they sit down and write a new version in both languages to record in a studio.

Not very often. One live performance of Konstantin Wecker where an Italian guest performer sang the Spanish lyrics. Mercedes Sosa released it on an album¹, featuring Konstantin Wecker. I do not know this version and I found no listening example. There are several live performances by Mercedes Sosa on YouTube where she sings the Spanish lyrics only, but none of these is currently on MB.

¹) it was translated for this album and an ISWC code registered for the translated work.

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If both were sung in full, then that’s just a recording of both works - I understood wrong I guess and I thought they were switching the languages section by section or something :slight_smile:

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Actually the German part is incomplete, first verse+chorus only (I never noticed), then both verses in Spanish and at the end the chorus, switching languages with each line. The Mercedes Sosa album version is probably different, but the Konstantin Wecker live version is actually a partial recording of the German work.

I found out, I misjudged the situation. I was mislead by the current work with Spanish and German lyrics…

I still have not listened to the album version,¹ but I found a live recording on YouTube Mercedes Sosa featuring Konstantin Wecker as a pianist! He did not sing or say a word. He was introduced, played piano, that’s all. But if he did not sing live… :candle: :candle: :candle:

I changed the title and removed German language (added Spanish ISWC instead) →

Now, a German-Spanish version appears only at a live performance, certainly not spontaneous, but hardly enough for a separate work. The remaining question is about the recording - could it actually be a medley? (@IvanDobsky ?)

¹) the CD is available for little money and I will buy it - not only to confirm my edits (99% sure anyway) - she had a great voice!