Partial album tag recognition and renaming

I am new to Picard, so followed the long youtube tutorial, but some albums get partial recognition, and the web tagger does not help, as well as as dragging and dropping the link,

Am i missing something, any Ideas?

Do I guess you hit SCAN? An acoustID match is not perfect as the same signature will be attached to a track from multiple albums. Especially common with compilations. My guess is the O.G.D track you are looking at is from the album one above - Further Adventures. you can drag and drop it into place.

This is why it is better to do only one or two albums at a time so you can properly check the results.


There are different workflows that are recommended using Picard, depending on the quality of information already available in your source files. These are described in the Retrieving Album Information section of the Picard User Guide. If you’re using the Scan Files method, you may need to adjust the settings in the Preferred Releases option settings to have Picard offer better matches.


Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for the detailed info,
what do you do if its not available online?
in case the files contain the tag locally and you want only to rename the folder structure according to the template?

If you only want to use Picard to save your files using the information from existing tags in the files, then simply select the files in the clustering pane and click the “Save” button. As always, I strongly suggest that you try this with a copy of a small selection of files first to ensure that the results are what you’re expecting.