Parenthesis use on featured artist credits

Edit #84841184 - MusicBrainz

I thought it was against the spirit of the guidelines to have parenthesis in featured artist names. But as this editor points out, it’s only to separate from the track name. But isn’t this just graphic artist decision on a V/A compilation like this? Just wanted more eyes on this edit as I can’t find anything in guidelines that say we can’t do it, but if we are to move it from the titles to artist credit and remove them, why wouldn’t we remove them if they are already on the artist credit?

Left a comment there, but: the guideline is because they are usually in parenthesis in order to separate artists from title. If they’re already on the artist field, the reason why they are there is not just “well, we have to separate them from the title in some way” - so there’s a chance of them being actually intentional and part of the artist credit and they should be taken into consideration.

That said, given that this is a compilation and there seems to be no particular artist intent behind the parentheses here, I think dropping them still makes sense (not everything needs to have a guideline behind it to be a sensible choice - that’s why they’re guidelines, not rules).


I agree with this track AC change for same reason as Reo (this artist credit is really printed in the specifically AC part -bolder text- of the tracklist), but there are other mistakes in the edit, it should be redone.
Or applied and re-edited…

I did not agree with the change :slight_smile: I agreed the guideline doesn’t cover it, but I still think dropping the parens makes sense in this case.


I’ve always removed them even if they’re listed in the artist credit part.