Packaging type: ‘Pilzpak’?

There is a CD packaging type similar to Jewel Case, with paper inlay shapes slightly different but enough for Jewel Backs not to fit. It is currently not listed at MB, nor under Optical disc packaging - Wikipedia and I have not found an official name. Before posting a ticket on adding this, maybe someone has suggestions on what to call it, a generalized name rather than branded.

I have come across this packaging in releases by 1 label only (PILZ; releases entered as ‘Jewel Case’ or ‘Other’), having 1 physical release at hand only (Tschaikowsky: Symphonie Nr. 5), and that one has that label’s logo (albeit slightly modified: an added superscript dot maybe approximating ® due to coarse-grained plastic) on the Tray part, of which I have seen no other discernible photos. Label is a budget, even ‘Alfred Scholz’ one, but facts given, the packaging type should be added; and for want of a better name, I propose ‘Pilzpak’.

A generalized name would be preferred, but I cannot think of anything better fitting into the list of existing others, also believe the relevant patents, under label name, are
At least that schematic matches this description (short version at bottom):

Note logo in Tray right corners:

Outer dimensions are identical to Jewel. Medium and Booklet also have standard dimensions, but Back—Spine differs from Jewel: With Back laid out as this:

there are characteristic cutaways to the right (giving room for the “3-layer hinge” (Back pin through both Tray and Front, thus very easily broken)) going over the hinge-side Spine which is slightly narrower than Spine on other side (because Tray spine is thicker than standard).
Below with Jewel Case white on top for comparison, Spine:


Hinge is not centered (in Spine width), so whereas a Jewel Case will open 180° and lay flat, this design opens >180° to have both Front and Back resting at the surface:

Tray is double-sided (2CD capable) used also for 1CD releases.

Some 2CD releases, and an occasional 1CD (Mozart: Quartetti per Archi Vol. 1), have the package assembled back-to-front: cutaways on Front (then left) and not Back, i.e. ‘left-handed’ for Jewel minds (see Mozart: Symphony no. 35 »Haffner« / no. 38 »Prague« / Salzburg Symphonies \CA).

Short description:
Jewel case outer dimensions
2CD design (~ Smart Tray hinge orientation) used for both 1CD and 2CD releases
Sometimes assembled back-to-front
Booklet inlay matches Jewel Case, Back (in back-to-front cases: Front) does not
PILZ label own patent, so probably not used by others

Good to go?


This packaging has also been used by Orbis Publishing Ltd. A specific example is their Talking Classics cat. TC NCD 001. As to a name, both Digipak and Super Jewel Case are branded names, so there is precedent.


Great, well pointed! Its discogs entry has Cover Art Back cut square, but one ebay seller’s description fits (“I cannot put everything into a standard jewel case as the dimensions of the back sleeve are different to standard.”), and another one has good enough photos to make out both type and logo.

I will leave this thread simmering for a couple of days; then, if no one objects, ticket “Pilzpak”.


Ticket: [STYLE-959] Packaging type ‘Pilzpak’

I have already had some of those packages and they are not by Pilz label.
I treated them as jewel cases for the time being… I don’t know if I still have them, I should search.


I did not find it back that 2×CD in my collection but my collection is not complete… In my memory, it was some German made stuff too… like some demoscene archive stuff or something… CD-ROM, in fact…

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I too have since chanced upon a couple of these packagings without Pilz label. Budget jazz re-issues, but neither pen nor camera at that moment. But I have also found a similar one in own collection, with Pilz logo: Nat King Cole: Sweet Lorraine / Charly CDCD 1012 (full scans incoming, until then Discogs entry).

I still think ‘Pilz’ should be in the Packaging Type name, even with unmarked ones out there, because it originated with their patent. What to to with the pending ticket, I have no idea, nor time to learn that platform too. Will but hit a couple of buttons.

To elaborate on my earlier post - I actually have TC NCD 001 and the tray paper has notches top and bottom on the r/h edge. The Discogs art must have been cropped or the packaging was not Pilz. Also the tray on mine has ‘Pilz’ embossed top r/h and bottom r/h on both the front and back of the tray. I should have mentioned this earlier.:roll_eyes:

A later thought - it’s Pilz that is embossed on the tray - maybe the packaging should be named Pilz Pack or Pilz pack, rather then Pilzpak.

@griomo Even later - The Discogs art is of the back of the front insert, not the rear inlay, that’s why it doesn’t have the notches. The rear inlay shows the catalogue number and an ISBN.

Yes, as I said then it “has Cover Art Back cut square”, but there were good enough photos of the same release elsewhere.

Agreed. Also, I proposed ‘pak’ from ‘Digipak’, the only present type with that word (morpheme); but it surely implies the proposed form being an actual registered trademark, which it is not. On a side note, the logo actually spells “PILZ” but I do not think we need lie flat to the embossed here.

Updated and requested decision: STYLE-959 Packaging type ‘Pilz pack’

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