Osx - can't create custom file naming script

Hi there,

I’m working on a Mac and trying to create custom file naming scripts. When under ‘options → file naming → edit script’ I can’t find a method to create my own scripts.

Am I missing something here?
I would like to rename all my filenames according to tags and place them in newly organised folders.


You haven’t mentioned which version of Picard you are using. If the version is prior to 2.7, then you are limited to just the one file naming script. You can’t create additional scripts but can edit the one script. If the version is 2.7 or later, have you tried the “Add a new script” command from the “Script” section of the menu bar in the script editor window?


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Note that menu on macOS is on the top of the screen, and not inside the window as on this Windows wcreenshot. But Mac users should be used to this :wink:

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I’ve used a lot of different operating systems over the years but have never used a macOS system in my life, so I didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification. (And I learned something new today.)


Deathbed confessions of repentance. :crazy_face:

hi @wouterjesse I have the same issue too. Does anyone know if this bug has been resolved? Or is the option to “Add new script” hidden on MacOS?

Attached is the Options > File Naming window, as you can see, “Add New Script” is not available. No, the menubar does not have “Add New Script” menu option either.

I am on version 2.8

There was no image attached to your post, so I’m flying blind here.

If you’re in the Options > File Naming window, there should be a button next to the script selection pulldown that says “Edit file naming script…”, as shown in the File Naming Options section of the documentation. Clicking this will open the File Naming Script Editor window. From there you should be able to add a new script, edit an existing user script, or make an editable copy of a user or system preset script. You can also export a script to a file (for sharing with others) or import a script from a file.

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Apologies, it has been attached properly above now.

Yes, the “File naming script editor” window does open after clicking on “Edit file name script…” but as you can see in the following screenshot, there are no options to “add new script” or “export to a file.”

I have tried “edit an existing script” method by selecting one of the 3 presets, but this method has its own set of problems, eg. dropdown not responding to clicks etc…

Adding a new script can be done via the menu Script > Add a new script

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Yes, that’s not ver intuitive in the current release version. The presets are immutable, if you want to edit the script you need to add a new one first. With Picard 2.9 this will change and the scripts will always be editable. When adding a new script there is then the option to use one of the presets.