Original streaming and/or label release?

Hi all, and sorry if this has been asked already.

I am trying to add to the database the tracks released by this artist: Le Wanski - MusicBrainz
He originally released these tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube, starting in 2016. They were also available for free on BandCamp at the time.
In 2018 he joined a label so that his tracks could be uploaded to Deezer and Spotify. Now the BandCamp is gone, but one can purchase the tracks on Qobuz or AppleMusic, or download them for free when offered by the artist (= most of the time).

Both “commercial” and “stream/free download” versions of the tracks are identical AFAIK, aside from the release date (+ the occasional slightly different artwork or one-second difference in track length). Should they be entered as different releases in the same release group? Or should I merge the two the best I can?

Here is an example: Release group “Tarte à la myrtille” by Le Wanski - MusicBrainz

Thanks in advance


If they originally had no label, but now do, they are separate releases. Barcodes, artwork & labels being different are different releases on MB.


Thanks for the reply! I think I’ve got it now.

I was confused between release and recording. I will mark the original stream and label-bound download as two different releases in the same group (with different dates and artwork), but make sure they both link to the same recording (since the track is identical).