"original mix" in the main title of a track

Hello I have a question

Referring to this wiki page here


I’m adding a lot of dance/house music including compilations to the database. However the linked wiki topic seems outdated somehow.

A few years ago when an pop music artist released an album and there was an official remix on it it was often credited as “original mix” as it was authorized by the label and not an inofficial bootleg mix.

However nowadays a lot of dance music is being release where from the creator is intended that it’s more dance orientated. So it’s a mix by intention. Often there is no source track as the track is either created by themselves or created by using royality free samples.

When the first track (mix) is remixed again it’s credited in the main title “Trackname (Artist B remix)”

In a lot of download shops and also on cd the trend going on that the original version of a track is tagged with “original mix” in the main title to refer that this is the first version created and maybe other versions do exist.

When an electronic music artist releases an album I can often see that there is no “original mix” in the track title because you could think that this is the first version when the track is on the official album or ep.

But when it’s part of an compilation often the “original mix” is included to clarify that this is the original an first version created.

So my question is: Should the “original mix” be included in the title or should it be abandoned as it should be clear when nothing else is stated there (Artist B remix) that this must be the original version?

I’m asking this because there are different habits around and I would like to know whats the actual state of this problem.

Thank you very much.

Are we talking about releases or recordings? If you’re referring to recording titles, I’d say no, but if you’re referring to track titles on a release I say go for it as long as that distinction is used on the release.

Hello thanks for the reply. I’m referring to the track titles on a release because they are inconsistent over different download sources.

When you check for example this one




Then you find out that sometimes “original mix” is added but sometimes not. At beatport on every track original mix is added when nothing else is stated.

But some releases are only released on beatport which leads to the question why to add it everywhere.

maybe at the track

DJ Jeroenski - Back Once Again (Original Mix)

the “original mix” makes sense because this track was first released in 2007 where the other tracks are newer.

but also this information is removed on some platforms because actually this is the first version itself.


I’m just asking because often is no physical medium available. and it’s only distributed digital so there is no information to check it.


Or you check this label


The released everything on bandcamp years ago. there is never “original mix” in their titles.

Now it seems they release it as beatport exclusive at first where everywhere the “original mix” is added.

Then it’s coming to other platforms where also the original mix is added because I guess they just take the tracklist from beatport.