Original 7ven should be posted as The Time, not the reverse

This artist was recently merged, unfortunately, the wrong band name was used. “The Time” is the longstanding funk band fronted by Morris Day. In 2011, they had one album released as “The Original 7ven.” All of their other albums are “The Time” and they currently tour as “The Time.” This artist should be listed again as “The Time” (also known as “Morris Day and The Time” and “The Original 7ven”.


It’s usually the current name that is used. However, I agree on such an iconic band, that I’d go with “The Time”.

You can see my reasoning for the merge in the edit, https://musicbrainz.org/edit/89533053. I also dislike ‘The Time’ not being more present, but I believe this is line with the our standard practices. I was more annoyed they were two separate entities as the name “change” was purely political as far as I can tell. I’m open to changing the name to ‘The Time’ if the community thinks it’s best. I originally was motivated for the merge from this thread: Should "The Jackson 5" and "The Jacksons" remain two separate entries.


Merging the two makes sense, but The Time should win out. The Original 7ven was a one-off name and hasn’t been used since 2011.


I’m thinking “The Time” is correct as well, gonna add a poll to gauge opinion~

  • The Time
  • The Original 7even

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(first time doing a poll, let’s see if I did it right~)

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I’ve submitted an edit to change the artist name to The Time, https://musicbrainz.org/edit/90041138.