Order of works in editions is not static anymore

It is clear that the order in which works are added to editions corresponds to the order in which they are listed in the book. They should not be mixed. But that’s exactly what has been happening recently.
Some algorithm changes the order.
This is very annoying because we will have to change everything again later by hand.
I hope this can be corrected quickly.

It’s true that this is very annoying, but I think it isn’t new, is it? I seem to remember this happening when adding works to editions with a large number of works, there’s no definite order. I’d say being able to set an order would be the no. 1 needed feature on BB.

Until recently it worked when you added the works one by one to the edition. The newly added works has been added to the bottom of the row. But now the newly added work is placed in a “random” place in the row. I always check after 5-10 works to make sure I haven’t forgot to add one of the works to the edition. That’s impossible now.

I’m sure I had this problem before, but only with editions with a lot of work (dozens), like poetry collections. At first, they appear in order, but after some point they do seem to appear randomly back in the list. Maybe now it’s happening for editions with fewer works?

In any case, you can never trust the order in which the works appear, and this is a problem.

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I just checked an anthology I added a few weeks ago. When I added it the order was correct and now it’s a total mess. So the only new thing is that it happens immediately… great improvement :wink:

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