Option to not automatically add/tag ASIN

I find myself manually removing the ASIN tag every time and it would be nice to have the option somewhere to not default to this tag being added.

Majority of the ASIN tags are incorrectly added to boot and do not point to a specific release. This matters especially when the album is a reissue or original pressing/release for which Amazon does not sell.

Plus, what use do I have for an asin tag either way? It’s not like I can click the tag and buy the thing which if I’m tagging I already own.

There should at least be the option of not forcing this tag on users. Unless I’ve missed a setting somewhere, please let me know.

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I’m not sure where you see the ASIN forced?
Other than that, as bad as Discogs are, at least they have the ASIN rule “This number should only be applied to releases manufactured by Amazon (CD-Rs), physical releases exclusive to Amazon and digital files sold by Amazon.” right, IMHO.
Most times when I see an ASIN here it’s very likely on a catch-all release from the pre-NGS times, or a left-in from those times even when the rest of the data has been made more specific.

I guess you want the ASIN tags removed from the files - you only have to add $delete(asin) to your tagger script. I’ve just added this line to my default tagger script - great idea! :slight_smile:


@ernstlx - you beat me to it by a few seconds. :smile:

The asin tags used to be useful when the art was sourced from there, but less useful now. You can see in the old edit history where these were automatically added from a bot doing a barcode search. Always confuses me when you see a US amazon link to a European import CD. Or something in their second hand shop.

MB likes to point to shops (see also spotify, itunes, deezer). Chopping them out of tags in Picard is easy thanks to that $delete function

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