Only some tracks on the album won't write,

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This generally happens on a few of my albums. In particular though, I’m saving 5 tracks, and 4 save correctly and I get an error on the fifth (track 02 of 05). I checked permissions and read only in windows (10), as well as on the FreeNas command line and all of the permissions for the files and folders are the same as those that work correctly. So I’m left with this ambiguous statement from the error log:

E: 12:32:07,177 util\ Traceback (most recent call last):
File “util\”, line 60, in run
File “”, line 324, in _save_and_rename
File “formats\”, line 536, in _save
File “formats\”, line 719, in _save_tags
File “”, line 185, in wrapper
File “”, line 156, in wrapper
File “”, line 374, in save
File “”, line 181, in resize
File “”, line 842, in resize_bytes
File “”, line 788, in insert_bytes

I thought the path length might be a problem, so have changed the filename and that did not work. Any other ideas?

This issue happens if the AIFF or WAVE files you are saving are smaller than the size they report. See also the following discussion and the issue linked there:

This seems to be a rather common problem with AIFF and WAVE files. Basically the files are truncated in some way. As discussed in the linked issue it might be possible to correct such issues automatically, but this needs to be investigated.