Only edit specific tags after scanning

Hi, first of all amazing piece of software! I had one question. Is there a way to choose which of the tags found via scan you want to actually edit? I have a lot of albums where the Track Numbers are messed up but Picard also changes other tags sometimes when I save them after scanning. Is there a way so only the new Track Numbers get saved? Thank you.

You can tell Picard to preserve existing tags. In Settings->Tags there is a window titled “Preserve these tags…”. Below that window is an “Add new tag button”.
I think this does what you want, albeit in a backwards way (I don’t think you can say “just re-tag track numbers”, rather you say “don’t re-tag these other tags”).

Another way to add tags to the list of preserved tags is to select each tag by right clicking in the “tag” column of the bottom pane and choosing “Add to preserved tag list”.

Finally, again by right clicking, you can, on a per-release or per-track basis, say “use original values”.



Thanks a lot! exactly what I was looking for.