One-time collaborations - which artist relationship?

I’ve noticed certain editors try to delete on sight. Isn’t the purpose of this relationship for one-time collaborations?

This relationship type is only intended for short-term projects consisting of independent artists, who move on after the collaboration is finished. If the target artist was not this type of project, then Member of Band Relationship Type should be used.

Isn’t it incorrect to use for these cases?

I agree with you. Not sure why anyone would delete collaboration from a collaboration.

They probably replace the collaboration artist by artist credit.
Do you have concrete examples of what you mean, @yindesu?

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An edit was made with no note to change collaborator relationships to member.
You are reverting that with an edit note that basically explains: group artist with 2 collaborators / members who made two recordings of one song.

It seems good to me. :slight_smile:

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In the case of TaQ and Des-Row they are both basically part of the BEMANI video game franchise. Even their “independent” recordings are just versions of the BEMANI songs.

To me that makes them even more of a collaboration than a member of a group.

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