One Time Collaborations as MusicBrainz Artists?

An editor is currently adding new MusicBrainz Artists, seemingly based on data, for what is obviously just a one time collaboration. Questions in edit notes are not answered
How can we stop this – and is there a more efficient and elegant way than this one to revert these edits?


Please report them if you didn’t already. @Freso is usually responsible for acting on user reports. But he is still absent, so it might take a while.

Currently not, but there is a ticket requesting such a feature:


He’s at it again: Don’t know what to do…


The entries seem to mostly be created by the same editor, and have minimal data - frequently just the date and venue of the one time performance.

This would be better structured IMO as a MB event linked to the entry for that performance and to the individual performers. So for instance: Charles Mingus Sextet & Dizzy Gillespie at Théâtre de Verdure, Nice, France (1972-07-20) with Charles Mingus Sextet and Dizzy Gillespie as the main performers, rather than the combined artist Charles Mingus Sextet & Dizzy Gillespie .

Maybe the editor in question could be convinced to take this approach instead, which adds more data to MB and still preserves links to their work on


Looks good! Sadly still no reaction whatsoever from the original editor on questions or notices in edit notes :frowning:

He’s doing it again: Please vote on the removal edits
@highstrung: see also Edit #63775969


:tired_face: Where is the “pointlessly banging head against wall” icon?

Or an “Enforcer with baseball bat” icon?

Tricky to know how to get through to people like that

Thank you for the fight back @chabreyflint @highstrung

Our man @Freso needs a support team. Part time bouncers who can assist when he is busy.


Please report them if needed. I don’t understand the edits.