One artist getting multiple performer tags

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f8206639658>

When I load this recording into Picard* I see the following:

Performer [background vocals]: Kate Bush
Performer [lead vocals]: Kate Bush
Performer [piano]: Kate Bush

But what I want is something like this:

Performer [piano, lead vocals and background vocals]: Kate Bush

Can anyone tell me:

  1. Is this expected behaviour or a bug?
  2. Is there a plugin or script which will reformat the performer tag to the way I want?

* I’m using Picard 2.3.2 with no plugins or tagger scripts running

The relationships from MB are directly turned into tags. In this case the instrument and vocals would always result in two different tags. But the lead and background vocals could be combined in the same relationship on MB, then it would also show up as a single tag in Picard.

There is a plugin to split a single tag with multiple instruments / vocals into separate tags, but no plugin to do the opposite. But would make sense to have this functionality.


This is interesting, it does seem to be possible to edit a relationship so that will store more than one instrument or vocal. Perhaps it’s not supposed to work like this though, see this old bug report: MBS-7677 - Relationships can be edited to have multiple instruments.

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Ah, yes. Thanks for reminding me. That was changed at some point and the server started to store separate relationships, see Inconsistent presentation (storage?) of artist-memberof-group relations

But that means that the existing plugin to split combined relationships into separate tags has become mostly useless. And I think we should have an option in Picard to actually combine multiple performer relationships for the same person into one. I added a ticket for this: