On splitting off-topic posts out of topics

You say this like it’s a bad thing. Getting topics moved out of a topic to their own topic is not a punishment or a bad thing: it’s a way to highlight discussions going on on their own and allow people who want to engage with those discussions to find them and engage with them, rather than them being hidden away inside another topic that bears no mention of the topic of these posts.

Far better than “waiting” for “OT Choppers”(??) to sort out your conversation threads (which is often really hard because people touch on several more or less related topics in a single post), if you sense you’re talking about a new topic than what you’re current topic is actually about, click that billede in the top-left when you’re writing your reply and select “Reply as linked topic” rather than replying in-topic.

Remember, keeping the forums tidy is a collective effort.


That tidy forums approach makes good sense when a technical issue is the major focus and something tangential or unrelated needs its own thread.

There can also be times when the significant issue is not a technical issue but a subjective issue that is being prented using technical examples.
Splitting off such technical examples can be disruptive to the discussion of the significant issue.

I am not arguing. It is not a bad thing. And please notice that I was not the one taking it off topic, I just responded to a direct question by quoting a guideline. I then pointed out that the thread should not go into discussing artwork as it is Off Topic.

It would not make sense to make that single reply in a separate thread when so many of the posts before mine were already drifting into discussing scanning and uploading artwork.

The thread is mainly on topic about discIDs with a few relevant meanders discussing CD manufacturing differences. Please give me some credit for not starting these Off Topic conversations like I used to. I do listen to what you say and now don’t bring in other topics.

I did not start that Off Topic discussion about artwork, but yet you again pick on me to make an example of. I do not believe that is fair. I was the one flagging up that the conversation was off topic, but I am still the one in trouble :frowning:

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