Offline Database of only my own music?

Is it possible to make an offline database of my own music using the Musicbrainz system? To create my own personal Musicbrainz site, hosted locally. That only I can access and edit.
I want to be able to see only the Cds and tracks that I own. Be able to compare AcousticIDS and ISICS for the tracks that I own.
I have nearly finished adding all of my music (aprox. 1500 cds) to the database.
I understand that this idea isn’t the original premise of Musicbrainz. Though I am happy to continue to add and edit Musicbrainz for the greater good.




the server code (and install instructions) are on GitHub - metabrainz/musicbrainz-server: The official musicbrainz-server codebase

i’m curious as to your use cases, as nothing comes to mind where a local/trimmed-down instance would be better than using the main collaborative db

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I would start with the preconfigured MusicBrainz Docker.

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Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way.
One of the issues I have with the main database is… Looking at a single track on a CD that I own. It will have multiple ISRC codes, multiple Audio fingerprints. How do I know which ISRC & Audio fingerprint is my track?
Adding to that.
If I can’t tell which audio fingerprint is my track, How do I compare multiple tracks to see if they are the same or different?
I thought that if I can create my own database, this would resolve my issues.

It’s probably way outside the scope of anything that can be done, but I’d love to be able to dump the data from one of my collections to a format that could be read by Microsoft Access.