Official streaming playlists (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube)

Just found a release that is actually an old playlist from Apple Music.

I followed the only link provided in edit notes and get a slightly different tracklist (2 new tracks) and cover.
Edit #54132989 - Add release

Seems these playlist are curated and updated regularly.
There isn’t much to distinguish each playlist update except tracklist and cover.
Can’t see any “release date” other than a note when it’s updated. (Updated Friday)

I’m going to remove it, any objections?
We could keep it as recording series but the cover will be lost as long as series don’t support CAA.

A bit more research

Searching for this playlist returns mostly illegal downloads and streams.
Then there is this playlist on some wiki
It too has been updated since.


Sounds like a “playlist” will need a start and end time.

Its why I like my music as physical media… each time I play the disc I know the tracks will be the same. Which makes designing MB around that physical concept easier.

Trying to keep track of ever changing playlists sounds a bit of an odd idea to me. It seems more like this is just a list put together by a rental store that is then valid for a time period before being changed.

Personally I agree “remove it”. Unless there is anything special \ notable about the content then this is just the same as some “music of the month” playlist from Spotify. Or a radio station. And it would be a bit tricky for MB to keep track of everything played on a radio station…


There we go.

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Playlists are not supposed to be on MB per guidelines. I’m starting to see these pop up. They change them like daily. Remove them.


Is there anything special in any of these playlists? Unique content?

Or is this like walking into HMV and hearing them bang out a loop of today’s music?

I have seen MB take in unique bootlegs only found on pirate sites as it was the only source of a track. But MB will also reject a user’s home made iPod playlist.

IMHO these Spotify playlists are only one step up from an iPod playlist.


A radio station providing (time-limited) downloads of their playlists. Charts and other compilations.