"Official" separator for multiple MB artist IDs?

Could please someone tell me, what you actually use as “official” separator character for multiple MB artist ID in a ID3tag?

Example song: http://musicbrainz.org/recording/ed7f9237-98d3-4d91-bf66-f3acf7e73ce8

I talk about the “musicbrainz_artistid” or “TXXX:MusicBrainz Artist Id” according to this mapping table.

Should I use a comma, a Slash, a semicolon or something different?
Picard shows a Slash. But I’m not sure if this is for displaying only?

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If you are using ID3 v2.3 (I assume that’s the case here) Picard will use the separator that can be configured in Options > Tags, and by default that’s a slash. It will also be displayed.

If you use ID3 v2.4 there is actually proper support for storing multiple values per tag. In this case Picard will show a semicolon (; ) as separator.

EDIT: I only realized after submitting my reply that this was a years old posting :slight_smile: But it popped up in my inbox because the category was changed to “MusicBrainz Picard”, and I try to get all Picard issues to have at least some kind of answer :wink: