OCD sensitivity

Okay, this is horrible and I kind of loathe myself a little bit for even taking it to begin with, let alone going ahead and sharing it here. But eh, here goes!

I just took this test here:

My own result was:

Since we keep telling ourselves that MusicBrainz editors are prone to OCDness, I wonder if others would score similar…

(Also… Sorry any GCI students I’ve mentored. Esp. ones doing video or graphical stuff… :pray:)

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Ehm… This is my result (surprise!):

Me too…

100% OCD here as well. :nerd_face:

:’( Yep 100% here too! :’(

100% of course, but then this test is designed to have people with high scores so that they will share their amazing findings. :wink:

Basically everyone who isn’t blind will score more than 90%.