OC Remix vs. OC Removed vs. Expunged

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I hope this is not a sensitive subject. I’m just trying to get some last stubborn tracks from my collection categorized.

I have several OC Remix tracks that I am trying to match up, and what I am finding in my research is that these tracks are from a time prior to a cataclysmic falling out within the OC Remix community.

For the tracks in question, some are listed in an area labeled “Expunged” in the annotation for the “OC Removed” series, and I am not otherwise finding these tracks (and in some cases, the artists) in the database.

Is there an acceptable way to enter these tracks into the DB, one that respects the artists’ wishes to not be associated with OCRemix? Or are these tracks deliberately being left out of the database entirely?


Definitely not intentionally left out: we don’t remove or reject any factual data (as shown by our data removal policy). Not sure what’s the best way to enter these - if they were originally OC ReMixes, they should probably be entered like that really, maybe with an annotation indicating that’s changed.


In my opinion this would come down to whether a credit should reflect the original release, or the most up-to-date version. In the case of something as volatile as free digital music an exception could obviously be made.

I think at the very least the fact that these were OC Remixes ought to be pointed out somehow if only for the sake of information and clarity.


Take a look at:


CyberSkull, I’m glad you responded since I see that you actively maintain this area.

That’s just it. I’ve got tracks that are not listed in those two collections, and some are listed in your “Expunged” annotation. For example:

OCR00047 - Mega Man 2 ‘Dr. Asuul’ OC ReMix
OCR00219 - Mega Man 2 ‘Crash the 70’s Man’ OC ReMix
OCR00548 - Wizards & Warriors ‘Mighty Potion’ OC Remix

I also have some that are not listed at all:

OCR00018 - Mega Man 2 ‘Opening Distraught’ OC ReMix
OCR00303 - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link ‘Hyrule Housing’ OC ReMix
OCR00254 - Metal Gear ‘Super Computer (System Malfunction)’ OC ReMix
(note the ID conflict on the last one)

Should I go ahead and add these and any others I may have?



Yes. Add where appropriate. :slight_smile:


Recordings added and linked to OC ReMoved series. Thanks!


IIRC there used to be a website that had these and tagged as “OC ReMoved” or similar… I don’t remember the url, but see if I can dig it up.


It’s gone. I linked to the internet archive page on the series in the annotation.


I’ve added everything I could find at http://www.doulifee.com/Storage/OC_Removed.


There’s still a sizable chunk of the list that hasn’t been added, mostly the Brandon Strader recordings that he himself asked to be removed.


We want to reflect the release at the time - so you could definitely add it as an OC Remix even if it was later removed. Regardless of the artists feelings about it. We’re providing factual historical information, which unfortunately can’t be erased that easily, although some do try.
If it was later changed/parts were redacted/released as something else, then it’s a good idea to add that release seperately, and put the release date as when it was changed/re-released (if known).

Here’s a good example of a ‘volatile’ digital release:

Not that I expect anyone to necessarily put in the time documenting every change…