OAUTH in metabrainz

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We can use OAUTH with
Etc…to login to our projects.
This will not only ease the process of authentication but also will provide a way to avoid redundancy of user’ info across different platforms…

Everyone please present your perspectives regarding this…

What do you think about Eran Hammers article:

and the controversy

For those interested in technical background informations:


FWIW, MusicBrainz does use OAuth, see https://musicbrainz.org/account/applications.

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You are right, but that’s not I am talking about.
Here musicbrainz is responsible for giving data to other sites…
While In my case it is facebook, Amazon, Github that will be responsible for giving users data to MusicBainz

Please review this, as you get time :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure what you are suggesting here. A way to login using external auth providers?
I’m not sure what that would give use that we don’t already have.


Hey! @mr_monkey
I meant ‘login using external Auth providers’
Login using Facebook, Google, etc.
User don’t have to fill their same details, that is already their on one of Auth provider. It will also save time of user and hence improve user experience.