O fortuna, O fortuna

Just trying to sort out this release: https://musicbrainz.org/release/f3bb4fdd-5db0-43a8-be73-7a1747f6c2ef and I fear I may have messed up a bit.
The first and last tracks are both “O fortuna”. The release showed both tracks as being part of “O fortuna” and “O fortuna (reprise)”. So I thought I’d delete the spurious relationships, before realising that the separate tracks both had the same recording id (which is clearly wrong as they are different lengths). So the effect of my edit is to delete both of the relationships from both tracks. Clearly what is required is to make the last track (say) a different recording and then to make the right relationships, but I’m not sure how to rescue it from here!
Any help is appreciated - I’m sure this stuff is simple for the cognoscenti, but it is a bit confusing for novices.

You can make a new recording from the release editor, Recordings tab.

I fixed it (I hope): https://musicbrainz.org/edit/46734549

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Thanks. Voted for that. I’ll try and remember to fix the links when all current edits have closed.

Apparently, for this recording there was some over-aggressive merge in the past. The reprise shows up several times. Also, one on Deutsche Grammophon sticks out as it is a different label. On Amazon it is listed with conductor “Eugen Jochum”, which is different.

From the editing history I don’t get what happened exactly (this point should really be improved in my opinion, to see exactly what was the state before the merge and what after).

Also this release is shown as being US, when in fact it is UK. I’m keener to get the work names sorted first though.