Does anybody uses ListenBrainz android app and did you allowed the notifications access beacuse my phone is warning me that I shouldn’t allow access because it can read all the messages etc. What should I do?

It’s rightfully warning you as granting an app access to your notifications can have widespread consequences
If you don’t feel comfortable being a guinea pig and possibly having irrelevant notifications made public better not use it.

When listen submission is all you are after I’d recommend Pano Scrobbler instead which is more mature. If you are extra paranoid you could also set up a throwaway account to submit your listens, check the results and then manually import from to ListenBrainz

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I already have account and android app where I didnt allowed notifications yet, so it just scrobbbles Spotify listens which is enough for me

@chaban I might be going off topic here but you are certainly not seen as what you described. I certainly review and appreciate your tickets and still remember the first ticket you published on a feature created by me (yim 23 crash :stuck_out_tongue: ) but the hard truth is that I’m just an OSS contributor.

The thing is that I’m not part of the MeB team and just a contributor that’s helping keep the project afloat. Sometimes I go in the excessive way to make changes on my own because of the work that I put in but that is not correct because its their product and not mine. This was what was stated in the original conversation.

I just want you to consider that the app came all this way even though there is no dedicated team behind the app.