Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting on 2016-08-15

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2016-08-15

Meeting start:


  • Reviews
  • GSoC Final Evaluations
  • MeB PR #234/MEB-38
  • URLs cleanup tests MBS-6378 & URLs standardisation MBS-9044
  • Splitting Discourse’s MB category
  • deferred to next meeting













GSoC Final Evaluations

MeB PR #234/MEB-38

@Gentlecat pointed out some flaws in our current logo text a while back and has gone ahead and fixed these issues. MusicBrainz and CritiqueBrainz were changed some time ago.

@Rob argued that the current logo text is “quirky” and makes the *Brainz projects more unique, less “type of people to wear suits” like.

6 people chimed in that they preferred @Gentlecat’s revised versions, 1 was neutral, and 1 preferred Monkey.Do’s original.

URLs cleanup tests MBS-6378 & URLs standardisation MBS-9044

URLs cleanup tests MBS-6378

@yvanz has been doing a lot of work on the URL Cleanup component of the MusicBrainz Server code, but is currently held back by the lack of validation tests. He has been working on this in MBS-6378 but needed feedback about how to progress: 1) make a series of changes to change tests to a new system graudally, or 2) do one big (“flag day”) change/pull request to change it all in one go.

Meeting consensus was that the flag day change would be preferable if possible.

URLs standardisation MBS-9044

MBS-9044 is about standardisation of iTunes URLs to using a domain which will redirect a user to their regional/local iTunes store for a given album/Release(/Recording/Artist/…?). However, as has been reported to sometimes redirect to a different iTunes id and since there can be regional differences between releases, more research/data is wanted before we decide to either standardise to or away from it. For now we’ve decided to not touch them.

There was also some discussion in general about how to approach URL standardisation questions (e.g., changing of standardisation), and the approach recommended is creating a ticket in the ticket tracker and/or bringing it up in the weekly #MetaBrainz meeting. The primary thing needed to be decided is usually whether to change existing URLs silently (ie., just edit the database directly) or to generate edits for changing the URLs (potentially causing a lot of subscription “noise”).


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