Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-06-12

MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-06-05

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Last meeting: 2023-06-05
Next meeting: 2023-06-19

@reosarevok: It is Monday. That means you get to put up with me again



Too much chatter to effectively summarize, please read the logs if you want to read all the input.

No objections are raised to:

  1. Move to now
  2. Plan to make LE robust so we can use it for all certs.

zas notes that we’ll keep, but it will redirect to static.meb, so no links will break until LE stuff breaks. But things will have to be changed internally.

Google passkeys

absent: pixelpenguin (1), riksucks (1), jivte (3, removed from the regulars list)


congrats @mr_monkey!~ wishing the best to you and soon-to-be @mrs_monkey~

ooh~ I like the sound of that~ I can’t wait!~

…but I guess I have to, because that’s how time works… :melting_face:

oh, I hadn’t seen this project before… looks real exciting~ perhaps it could be added to the artist pages I’ve seen are in the works?