Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-04-24

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-04-24

Meeting start: IRC Logs for #metabrainz | MetaBrainz Chatlogs
Meeting wiki page: MetaBrainz Meeting - MusicBrainz Wiki


Last meeting: 2023-04-17
Next meeting: None next week, returns on 2023-05-08

@Reosarevok: Welcome to MetaBrainz Monday Madness


Community Logos/Icons

Some people agreed that the short-form was better, but that it should be ‘MeBCommunity’ (and so on), instead of ‘MBCommunity’.

@yvanzo raised that the cons of using the long form (that it requires familiarity) is a strong enough con not too use the short form.

Further discussion to take place on the ticket.

Next Meeting

It was agreed to skip the next meeting, for International Workers Day, and return on 2023-05-08.

2023 Summit Date

No conflicts reported, it’s agreed to have the summit from Oct 2-6, in Barcelona.


ooh~ that looks so much better~ I no longer have to get right up in my screen to read everything, lol

very much looking forward to these features~

also really digging the new logos~ I do almost prefer other W logo for the wiki, but maybe that’s just me… :melting_face:

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Sorry, it’s a bit confusing - The high detail square logo is staying for the wiki. The favicon will change for the wiki, jira and forums. Jira and the forums will get new logos as well, to stay consistent.

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icons/logos look nice :smiley:

thanks for the font size adjustment, i can pull back on my zoom levels a bit now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also use MusicBrainz zoomed in because of the small letters, but I still prefer the zoomed in look to having just bigger letters. Because all UI elements and all cover art are tiny on MusicBrainz.

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Sorry but at best one or two persons quickly nod at what you two presented as the preferred option, most people didn’t even react, very likely because there was not much time left for the two next topics on the agenda. The time needed to read the text, which is slightly biased, was longer than the time for reacting to it. I will add further comments to the ticket MBH-542.


You are overestimating my preference for the short form, quite frankly.

I don’t write these notes with any bias, and I apologize for missing your comment right at the end. I’ve corrected the meeting notes now.

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I didn’t understand where those would be shown but I find MeB quite cryptic and looks like Meh.
We don’t have enough room for MetaBrainz Community (with a space, also)?

Also I think I saw MetaBrainz Wiki mentionned, but for me it’s really a MusicBrainz Wiki, isn’t it?

I have been using this Wiki without expecting stuff from outside MB, but maybe I just never realised…


I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, you even presented the pros and cons for each form. I rather assumed it was more likely an oversight, that’s why I provided some context especially the sequence of time which is easy to miss when reading from the back logs only. Sorry if my comment created any doubt about it.

My main worry was just that you might bury yourself into this…’ hole while there is likely no need to.

Thanks for correcting notes and more generally for posting weekly notes.


I didn’t really realise either… the change to MeB colours will hopefully help the other projects feel more welcome on the wiki.

If anybody’s wondering, I’ve been advised that there are some server dependency issues that stop us from changing the wiki url. So it will remain ‘’ for the foreseeable future.