Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-03-27

MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-03-27

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Last meeting: 2023-03-20
Next meeting: 2023-04-03

Today is International Heirloom Chili day!


Quite a few people were missing or late, and it was agreed that it was because there was a location-specific timezone change that not everybody would be aware of, and that timezones and daylight savings are stupid.

GSoC Proposals

After some discusson it is agreed:

@yvanzo shares GSoC links to: guide for applicants, guide for mentors

Absent regulars: Moot because of the weird daylight savings thing

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ooh, this could be exciting… for ListenBrainz, perhaps? or something else?

also very exciting~ I’d love to see if I’m the top listener to some of my favorite artists~ :grin:

(probably the only listener for some, lol)

I am in general looking forward to ListenBrainz pages for artists, releases, etc. tho~ that alone will make it feel more like a cohesive product to others, I feel~

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Yes, for ListenBrainz. We would love to work with them to be able to play and recommend SC content on LB. :crossed_fingers:

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