Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-02-06

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-02-06

Meeting start: IRC Logs for #metabrainz | MetaBrainz Chatlogs


Last meeting: 2023-01-30
Next meeting: 2023-02-13


At this stage there was discussion whether mid review interruptions/jokes/questions and so on was acceptable. ‘Meeting etiquette’ was added to the agenda, so that we could move on with reviews first.

Meeting Etiquette

There was substantial discussion on this topic, with people voicing their feelings about review comments/interruptions/questions. Some found it an important part of the meeting, while others found it distracting.

There was also discussion around if meeting participants should stop triggering notifications (either on IRC or via subscriptions on GitHub, Jira, MB) during the meeting. No agreement was reached regarding this.

Re. meeting comments/questions/interruptions/f*cking about it was concluded with:

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FYI @reosarevok, I’ve made some additions to the meeting wiki page:

  • Questions and commentary are welcome after a review, if kept brief. In these cases the next person should pause until discussion is resolved, and then resume/begin their review. Longer discussions should be held for after the meeting, or added to the agenda as a separate topic.
  • Notes

  • Meeting notes will be posted on the MetaBrainz forums within 24 hours of a meeting, always following the same format. They can be found using the ‘metabrainz-meeting-notes’ tag.

Feel free to edit :+1: