Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-01-09

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2023-01-09

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Docsprint - Qualifiers

Online digital release

Yvanzo asked reosarevok about 1) which seemed to come down to documentation with some outdated links, but also a request for describing why we store release events, saying that while it is true we don’t have that explicitly noted for many, if not most, other data points, most of those are things printed on or otherwise part of the actual release while release events often are not. (Additional discussion happened immediately following the meeting, so feel free to check the IRC logs for that.)


I guess the question is “why do we care about this”?

There are still region locked digital releases; here are two within the past 12 months:

As I’ve said before though, from a maintenance standpoint, people want to be able to say “Worldwide except for these 4 countries” instead of “These 220 countries”.

But what people tend to actually care about is organizing their music library based on country of origin, not country of sale:

As far as country of sale goes, it would be great to store price tags and currency (MSRP, not import/resale numbers), which adds value to a collection of releases.

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There is this old ticket:

I intend to add a couple links to related discussions to it. (there are many however, might be a bit too spammy :thinking:)